About Hawthorne Books

What, where and who we are. And what to do with it.

Hawthorne Books is an independent literary press based in Portland, Oregon, with a national scope and deep regional roots. For more than a decade, our focus has been on literary fiction and nonfiction with innovative and varied approaches to the relationships between essay, memoir, and narrative. If we specialize in anything, it’s in finding superb writing and giving it the attention it deserves.

That attention manifests itself in careful, collaborative editing and a fierce commitment to the dignity of the book and its reader. Hawthorne titles are original paperbacks. Our books offer qualities such as meticulous design and typography, acid-free papers, sewn bindings, nonscuff matte lamination, and double-scored cover flaps that are engineered to function as bookmarks. The writing is meant to last; so is the book.

Since 2001, Hawthorne titles have been consistently shortlisted for respected literary awards. And we’ve won more than a few of them. Hawthorne is a go-to independent small press for the playful and deeply literary. More importantly, we have developed a loyal community of readers and writers.

Mailing address

LocationHawthorne Books
2201 NE 23rd Avenue Third Floor
Portland, OR 97212
voice: 503-327-8849


LocationPublishers Group West, Inc.
1700 4th Street
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Intern at Hawthorne Books

Hawthorne Books internships follow these seasons – spring, fall, and winter. There is no summer internship. Hawthorne’s ten-week, unpaid internships are two days a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you are interested in an upcoming internship, please e-mail a resume and cover letter to Rhonda Hughes a month prior to the tentative start date. Internship schedules vary from year to year but tend to follow this rough schedule:

  • Spring: late March to early June
  • Autumn: late September to early December
  • Winter: early January to mid-March

Internship FAQs

What does an intern do at Hawthorne? Tasks generally center around publicity, but also include everything from data entry and order fulfillment to inventory and award submissions.

Do I have to be a student to apply? No. Although many of our interns are students, it is not a prerequisite.

What do I get out of a Hawthorne Books internship? Experience, knowledge, connections, and an eye into the world of independent publishing.

Do I get credit for the internship? We hope so! We’ll help you in whatever way necessary to make that happen.

Does Hawthorne ever have a summer internship? No.

Can I do just part of the spring, fall, or winter internships? No. If you apply for our spring, fall, or winter internship, you need to commit to the entire ten-week schedule.



Hawthorne Books has suspended our open submission policy. As strong supporters of new writers, we will reëvaluate this position in the spring of 2017. Thank you for understanding. Literary agents should contact us directly with queries during this time.

Editorial and Staff

Liz Crain

Editor and Publicity Director

Liz Crain is the author of Food Lover’s Guide to Portland and Toro Bravo: Stories. Recipes. No Bull. A longtime writer on Pacific Northwest food...Forward

Stephen Hyde

Publicity Assistantt

Stephen Hyde is a second term student at Ooligan Press with an emphasis on marketing. He is a graduate of Susquehanna University where he attained a...Forward