Anthony McCarten’s debut novel, Spinners, won international acclaim, and was followed by The English Harem, the award-winning Death of a Superhero, and Show of Hands. The four books have been translated into fourteen languages. McCarten has also written twelve stage plays, including the worldwide success Ladies’ Night, which won France’s Molière Prize and the Meilleure Pièce Comique in 2001. Also a film-maker, he has thrice adapted his own plays or novels into feature films, most recently Death of a Superhero (2011), which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. Anthony divides his time between London and Los Angeles.



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A truly remarkable book!

Historical Novel Society, UK

Thomas Edison holds over 1,000 patents including the light bulb and the phonograph, but he is broke. To the rescue rides the “world’s banker,” J. P. Morgan, with his offer of almost unlimited cash if the two men will join forces to illuminate America and bring about a revolution in the way the...Forward

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Hawthorne Goes to Hollywood!

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 03 March 2013

Hawthorne Books is excited to announce its partnership with ICM and Rocking Stone Media. I have before me the fabulous opportunity to work with agent Ron Bernstein and production designer turned...Forward