David Rocklin grew up in Chicago. He graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Literature. After attending law school, he pursued a career as an in-house attorney and continues to serve as a mediator. He lives in California with his wife and children.


The Luminist

  • Introduction by Jacquelyn Mitchard
  • fiction

…The sweep of Dr. Zhivago with the Heart of Darkness depth of Joseph Conrad – a staggeringly good book.

Kirkus Reviews

In colonial India, at a time of growing friction between the ruling British and the restless Indian populace, a Victorian woman and her young Tamil Indian servant defy convention, class, and heartbreak to investigate what is gained—and lost—by holding life still. Suggested by the life and work...Forward

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David Rocklin on Roar Shack

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Writers. Who can figure out what the hell they’re thinking?

They lock themselves and their thoughts and their hearts away, in utter isolation. Why? For the hope of being heard, when finally they...Forward

Literary gifts

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