Mark Mordue is a writer, journalist, and editor. His work has been published in Interview, Madison, Speak, The Nation, and Salon in the United States, as well as Rolling Stone, Vogue, GQ, The Australian, and Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. Mr. Mordue is the winner of a 1992 Human Rights Media Award, the 2010 Pascall Prize for Critical Writing, and from 1992 to 1997 he was the founding editor of Australia’s leading pop culture magazine, Australian Style.


A lovely, impressionistic book … idiosyncratic, entertaining, vulnerable and unpretentious.


Award-winning Australian journalist Mark Mordue invites you on his world trip that ranges from a Rolling Stones concert in Istanbul to talking with mullahs and junkies in Tehran, and from a cricket match in Calcutta to an S&M bar in New York, in addition to many points in between. Mordue chronicles...Forward

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28 October 2013

In Honor of Lou Reed

Lou Reed: Another Brick in the Wall, An interview with Lou Reed about Berlin, by Mark Mordue

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Talking to Lou Reed is like trying to communicate with a doorstop. The kind of...Forward

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