Scott Nadelson is the author of three story collections published by Hawthorne, including Aftermath and The Cantor’s Daughter. A winner of the Oregon Book Award for short fiction, the Reform Judaism Fiction Prize, and the Great Lakes Colleges New Writers Award, he teaches creative writing at Willamette University and in the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA Program at Pacific Lutheran University. He lives in Salem, Oregon.


Saving Stanley

  • fiction / stories

…A substantial, serious, and intelligent contribution to contemporary Jewish American writing.

David Shields
author of A Handbook for Drowning

​Scott Nadelson’s interrelated short stories are graceful, vivid narratives that bring into sudden focus the spirit and the stubborn resilience of the Brickmans, a Jewish family of four living in suburban New Jersey. The central character, Daniel Brickman, forges obstinately through his own...Forward

Nadelson chronicles his life in progress with the wry, warm honesty of an old friend catching up.

Meghan Daum
author of Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived In That House

​Beginning in the summer of 2004, Scott Nadelson’s life fell apart. His fiancée left him a month before their planned wedding. He moved into a drafty attic. His car’s brakes went out. He learned that his cat was dying. Over the next two years, he’d struggle, with equivocal and sometimes...Forward

The Cantor’s Daughter

  • fiction / stories

The stories in Scott Nadelson’s The Cantor’s Daughter seethe with psychological insight.

Cai Emmons
Author of His Mother's Son

These stories capture Jewish New Jersey suburbanites in moments of crucial transition, when they have the opportunity to connect with those closest to them or forever miss their chance for true intimacy. In “The Headhunter,” two men develop an unlikely friendship when Len Siegel, a recruiter,...Forward


  • fiction / stories

Scott Nadelson writes brilliantly.

Margot Livesey
author of The House on Fortune Street

​The characters in Scott Nadelson’s third collection are living in the wake of momentous events—the rupture of relationships, the loss of loved ones, the dissolution of dreams—and yet they find new ways of forging on with their lives, making accommodations that are sometimes delusional,...Forward

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On Bravery and Writing

Posted by Scott Nadelson on 21 September 2016

I told them not to read it. “This one isn’t for you,” I said. But of course they did anyway. The book came out in March, and they came to visit in May. As I drove to the airport and waited for...Forward

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