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Crow Arts Manor, a new community center for the arts, opens April 10th.

Posted by Irene Costello on 16 May 2011

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Let’s face it: we’re lucky to live here. It seems that Portland’s enormously rich literary landscape just keeps expanding, and the latest addition to a long list of amazing industry resources is a brand new community center for the arts. Crow Arts Manor, located in NoPo’s Milepost 5 art community, opened its doors this April 10th.

A non-profit in the tradition of LA’s Beyond Baroque and Seattle’s Richard Hugo House, Crow Arts Manor seeks to promote literary arts, fine and graphic art, and music. 

Classes begin this June—college level workshops in writing, fine and graphic arts, comics, and bookmaking. In addition to classes, Crow Arts will host reading and music performances, and is in the process of building “one of the country’s largest collections of literary journals and books from independent presses,” with the goal to have the space open thirty hours a week for the public to come and read. The manor will also feature a gallery space and invite local artists to hang their work.

Sid Miller, the founder and editor of The Burnside Review, serves as the director of Crow Arts Manor. The board of advisors includes many notable Portland literary and artistic figures, including Kevin Sampsell, Paulann Peterson, Paul Collins, and Michele Glazer.  Hawthorne connect: instructors include Hawthorne Books authors Monica Drake and Lidia Yuknavitch (hooray!) among many other terrific writers and artists.

Crow Arts Manor believes that on-going arts education should be accessible and that’s why each six-week course is offered at the reasonable cost of $95. As of now, classes are scheduled through the summer, offering unique and often specific curriculum such as Zachary Schomburg’s course, “The Narrative Prose Poem.”  You can check out the classes online.

LocationCrow Arts Manor
850 NE 81st Avenue, No. 114, Portland OR 97213


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