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<p>Yusuke Sezaki and Liz Crain</p>

Yusuke Sezaki and Liz Crain

Fermentation Future Forum 2017, Tokyo, Japan

Posted by Liz Crain on 02 Feb 2017

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I had the extremely good fortune to be invited to speak at Tokyo’s first annual Fermentation Future Forum (F3) a couple of weeks ago. The forum was organized by cultural luminary Teruo Kurosaki and his bright and creative staff. Kurosaki-san is a world renowned designer, former owner of Idee, founder of the Tokyo United Nations University Farmers Market, publisher-owner of Media Surf, owner-founder of Midori coworking spaces, Freedom University and much, much more. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him the past several months through a project that I am editing for Hawthorne Books—the English edition of True Portland—which comes out this spring.

Pretty soon after Kurosaki-san and I met, he was interested in the annual Portland Fermentation Festival, which I cofounded with my dear friends George Winborn and David Barber in 2009. Some folks close to him attended this year’s late October festival, and the next thing you know, I had an invite to speak at his first annual Fermentation Future Forum. Kurosaki-san works fast!

There is much to share about F3, which was held at the United Nations University and Kurosaki’s UNU Farmers Market there—and I think photos do the best job. They give you an eye into just how special and inspiring the weekend was. I also uploaded my talk here if you want to have a listen. The translated talk (translated by Mai Oyama and moderated by my friend Etsuyo Okajima of Freedom University) took place in the main hall at the United Nations University, where the forum took place.

To read the rest of Liz Crain’s blog post and see the many photos from the event, go to

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