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<p>Frankie Meeink</p>

Frankie Meeink

"Los Angeles offers tattoo removal for inmates who regret a tattoo, or no longer wish to be associated with gangs and lifestyle to give them a wider employment opportunity when released from prison," by REBRN

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 16 May 2016

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I’ll pay for that! That is smart any way you look at it. The Feds are removing convict and felon from the lexicon of incarceration. It’s a stigmatism once removed allowing reentry. If someone wants to get I HATE YOU tattoos removed, we should help them. Yeah, I’ll pay for that!

A few years ago, I happened to have Frank Meeink in my office for a few days, and we got to chat a bit. Great guy. He used to be covered in neo-Nazi tats, I think facials and all. A doctor that lost family in the Holocaust did all the removals for free, and I’ve never met a more grateful man. Such a powerful act, tattoo removal.

edit: No facials, just some troubling. He’s the guy Edward Norton’s character in American History X is loosely based on.

edit 2: Names, how do they even?

Which is reasonable. That tattoo of a penis on your back needs to stay there just to remind you of how stupid you once were.
It’s there so I can make a comeback!
When I was incarcerated in the California Youth Authority, they had the tattoo removal program. They only offered it if you had tats on your face, hands or neck.
A lot of times inmates will get tats because their particular ingroup requires it. They frequently regret them once they get out, but have to comply inside or risk retribution.

Good on you, LA.
I worked in a maximum security jail for almost a decade. I actually know what I’m talking about.

To read the entire post, go to REBRN.

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