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We did it all at Wordstock 2010

Posted by Liz Crain on 12 Oct 2010

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This year’s Wordstock was filled to the brim with fantastic workshops, readings, panels and more and between all of us here at Hawthorne we managed to play a part in just about every type of event Wordstock offered.

We really liked where we were in the book fair this year – sandwiched between the Attic and Tin House – great company. We also liked the fact that our authors did some great panels and readings.

Here’s a bit of what we saw and did last weekend at the 6th annual Wordstock. Cheers to everyone who volunteered for and helped organize this year’s Portland literary extravaganza aka Wordstock. You rock.

Kate and Adam at the booth, looking lovely despite Convention Center fluorescence.

Rhonda on the “Brave New World” panel, hosted by Richard Meeker with Lauren Kessler and Kevin Smokler.

Our lovely friend who stopped by and refused a tote for her magnificent stash of bought books.

See you at Wordstock next year!



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