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Two out of eight "Small Press Books to Watch in 2014 (AWP edition)," by Valerie Stivers-Isakova for the Huffington Post, include Tom Spanbauer's I Loved You More and Poe Ballantine's Things I Like About America. Lidia Yuknavitch also cited as a "big star"!

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 06 Mar 2014

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By all accounts, AWP Seattle 2014 was a wild success!

Thank you to Adam O’Connor Rodriguez for working the Hawthorne booth as well as moderating three panels. Thank you to Scott F. Parker, who covered for Adam while he was on panel. Thank you to Sage Ricci who toiled alongside Adam and took these photos!

Valerie Stivers-Isakova included three Hawthorne writers—Lidia Yuknavitch, Tom Spanbauer, and Poe Ballantine—in her article “Small Press Books to Watch in 2014 (AWP edition).”

“There were a few big stars—late on Saturday, Hawthorne Books’ stall was littered with the discarded modesty panel that covers the naked breast on the cover of Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water, which sold out.

“Tom Spanbauer, I Loved You More: His writing has been described as pansexual and myth- and genre-defining.

“Poe Ballantine, Things I Like About America: Was the most beloved of a friend.”

I especially like Ms. Stivers-Isakova’s description of the belly bands for The Chronology of Water as “modesty panels,” and Tom’s writing as “pansexual and myth- and genre-defining!”

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