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Karen Karbo

Author of The Diamond Lane

The Legend of Il Palio

Posted by Karen Karbo on 10 Oct 2014

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Woohoo, makin’ it!

The A.V. Club and Basil Hayden’s Bourbon have been doing a series of parties around the country celebrating cocktails and craftsman. Called This is My (Fill In Name of City Here), their idea was to get a bunch of really photogenic creative folks in one place, then film them as they powered down some fine cocktails, featuring Basil Hayden’s Bourbon. (To the marketing person who thought this up, I hope you get a raise.) Every city featured species of “maker” (Denver: “hand-crafted goods,” Nashville: music, Seattle, more music; Boston, artisanal food), who were then asked to interact in a creative way with cocktails featuring Basil Hayden’s Bourbon. That’s a lot of creativity there—smart and cool party concept + fancy new cocktails + arty folks using said cocktails as inspiration. Portland was paired with indie lit, and I was asked to write anything that came to mind about one of three cocktails on offer. I chose Il Palio, named after the no rules, bareback, seriously crazy horse race held every summer in Siena.


Il Palio, the crazy ass horse race held in Siena since 1644

To read “The Legend of Il Palio, the Cocktail,” go to Karen Karbo’s website.


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