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<p>Jerrod Allen and Karen Karbo</p>

Jerrod Allen and Karen Karbo

Happy Hour with proofs for Karen Karbo's novel, The Diamond Lane, with an introduction by Jane Smiley!

Posted by Rhonda Hughes on 19 Feb 2014

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Proofs of Karen Karbo’s novel The Diamond Lane with an introduction by Jane Smiley provided a great reason for Happy Hour! Karen’s novel is the latest addition to the Hawthorne Rediscovery Series, which brings notable literary works by living writers back into print with great new packaging as original trade paperbacks.  The books include nonscuff matte lamination, double-scored French flaps, and library-sewn bindings. The series titles include a new preface by the author and an introduction by a notable literary figure. 

The Diamond Lane on shelves October 1, 2014.

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