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Review copy and literary award season is upon us

Posted by Liz Crain on 31 May 2011

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Every spring Hawthorne Books decides whether to have a summer internship or not. Summer is the slowest month in the world of publishing and so we often scale back to just HB staff. We’re doing that this summer (we always have our fall, winter and spring internships) so the last couple weeks of our spring internship were a big push to get all of the review copies out for our fall titles – The Luminist & Aftermath – as well as to get all of our award submissions out for our 2011 titles – The Luminist, Aftermath & The Chronology of Water.

We’re proud of our authors and titles and always submit for awards we think they deserve.

Our authors and titles have won too many awards to count, including:

Awards that we submitted or 2011 authors/titles for this year:


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