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Join Hawthorne in supporting the next generation of publishers … from Portland’s Roosevelt High School

Posted by Liz Crain on 16 Oct 2012

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We’re really proud of the students at North Portland’s Roosevelt High School (one of Portland’s most underprivileged schools) for starting their very own publishing house—Unique Ink. The school has partnered with PSU’s Ooligan Press to establish the publishing house and that’s how we got wind. Working with the already established writing center, the publishing center is designed to further the traditional reading and writing curriculum that students get in their everyday classrooms. Students are currently working on their first book project and are actively seeking submissions for Between Two Rivers, to be released spring 2013.

It will be a collection of work from students and community members, from young to old, across cultures and races, neighborhoods and bridges and will collect some of the special, quirky tidbits that make Portland special and such an interesting and innovative place. The students are working on a variety of topics to include in the book, including their own writing on these subjects: comics, hidden Portland history and factoids, parks, bridges, the DIY culture, bikes, the food scene (restaurants, eating local, food carts, farmers markets, etc), comedy, and more.

The submission deadline is October 31 and we hope that you’ll consider sending something their way. In addition to submissions the Roosevelt students can use help and advice in all areas of publishing so if you have some expertise you’d like to share with them please be in touch via the email below.

Here is a message straight from the Roosevelt students:

We are the Roosevelt Writing and Publishing Center, a youth-led center at Roosevelt High School, and we are starting a new publishing project: a book of all the unique places in Portland, such as parks, events, businesses, restaurants, etc. Our audience, mostly young, varies from people who are residents to those who are just traveling here to find cool, interesting places to visit. We need content for the book and we thought you might be one of the right people to contribute. The deadline is October 31st. We would like you to pick either a personal memory or a good experience you’ve had that’s specific to this area – it can be a short story, a poem, or a review of said place, and it must be under 500 words. If you know of others who could be interested, please forward this to them so they can contact us for more information.

Submit to Roosevelt High School’s Betweet Two Rivers
Deadline: 31 October


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