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Hawthorne authors at Wordstock 2011

Posted by Liz Crain on 26 Sep 2011

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We love Wordstock here at Hawthorne Books. We have all sorts of events slated for this year’s festival and I’ve laid them all out for you here. Every year we have a booth at the Book Fair in the main hall and that’s where you’ll find publisher Rhonda Hughes, senior editor Adam O’Connor Rodriguez and myself for a large part of the weekend. Hawthorne Books authors will also be joining us at different times on Saturday and Sunday to chat with folks and sign books too so please come by and say “hello.”

Wordstock readings and workshops with Hawthorne Books authors:
David Rocklin
2pm Sunday reading with Anna Solomon;  4:30pm Sunday writing workshop the How and Where: On Setting as Character in Fiction.
Scott Nadelson
1pm Saturday reading with Rahul Mehta; 3pm Saturday workshop In the Beginning: Crafting Compelling Story Openings.
Lidia Yuknavitch
12pm Saturday panel My Censor Myself with Ben Moorad, Kerry Cohen and Lynn Connor; 11am Sunday panel What’s with America’s Sexual/Literary Hang-up with Steve Almond, Cheryl Strayed and Viva Las Vegas; 4pm Sunday reading with Lisa Wells.
Monica Drake
1pm Sunday screening and talk about Georgie’s Big Break with Andy Mingo, Brian Lindstrom.
Hawthorne publisher Rhonda Hughes
11am Saturday panel How to Win Over Agents and Editors.
Hawthorne editor Liz Crain
2pm Saturday panel Every Book is a Startup.
Wordstock blog posts with Hawthorne authors:

Scott Nadelson’s<> guest blog post and Q&A; David Rocklin’s guest blog post and Q&A.

LocationWordstock 2011
Oregon Convention Center
777 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Portland OR 97232

I was on my iPad last night, and my fingers were too cold to type pleporry!  I would love to read any of these: Pure, The Divergent Series, Hold Still, Thirteen Reasons, Beautiful Creatures, and Just One Day. So many good books!

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