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Cover of The Garrisons

Mark Pomeroy

The Garrisons

A Novel
  • fiction
  • ISBN 978-0-9988257-5-5

Available Sep 2018

The Garrisons is a classic American family saga set in a neighborhood on its knees, Lents of Portland, Oregon, derisively called Felony Flats, a part of the city not seen in glossy magazines — an area of budget cuts, evictions, chain-link fences, and gravel roads.

Sara is the eldest, a feisty soccer star scared to take the way out offered by her talent. Next is Elaine, shy and obese, who might have the grandest dreams of them all and takes an after-school job at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and the youngest sister, Rachel, is a reader and poet whose imagination stalls at trying to picture a better life. Their hard-edged mother, Melanie, works full-time as a grocery store cashier, and is divorced from the girls’ father, Keith, who tries to rebuild his relationship with his wary daughters after serving a six-year prison term for burglary. The youngest sibling is Adam, born while Keith was in prison.

Even as the Garrisons struggle to communicate with each other, as they battle with self-doubts, they draw on a fierce shared strength — a native self-reliance that allows them to push back at the world that’s been handed to them.

Praise for The Garrisons

Praise for Mark Pomeroy

It’s clear that Mark Pomeroy has talent as a fiction writer, and skill with language.  His writing is fresh and direct.  He writes very well.

Kent Haruf
Author of Plainsong and Benediction