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Natalie Singer named as one of 35 Over 35 for California Calling A Self-Interrogation

05 Dec 2018|

CONGRATULATIONS Natalie Singer, chosen to be one of 35 Over 35 for her book California Calling: A Self-Interrogation!

From 35 OVER 35

Writing a book is a significant accomplishment but publishing one successfully is a major accomplishment. To do both of these things early in one’s career is a feat that is often celebrated. But few authors find such early success. Others must persevere or experience an event that...Forward

Marissa Korbel interviews Natalie Singer, author of California Calling: A Self-Interrogation, for The Rumpus

27 Aug 2018|

It was the cover that first piqued my interest in Natalie Singer’s debut memoir, California Calling: A Self-Interrogation. The wide, bright, concentric, circles in rainbow colors, the sans serif typography, and the subtitle promising “a self-interrogation.” But the first line hooked me, and I found myself tucking the book into my purse each morning before leaving for my commute, and carrying it to my bedside each night. I finished the book full of questions of my own, not the least of...Forward

Poe Ballantine interviewed by Ken Jones, Host of Between the Covers, KBOO

10 Jul 2018|

Host Ken Jones talks with Poe Ballantine, author of the new book Whirlaway: The Great American Loony Bin, Horseplaying & Record-Collecting Novel, published by Portland’s Hawthorne Books.

Poe has published seven books and hundreds of stories and essays, many of which have appeared in The Sun magazine, along with The Atlantic Monthly and The Coal City Review. And his work has won two Pushcart Prize, and been included in the anthologies The Best American Short Stories 1998 and The Best American...Forward

OTHERPPL with Brad Listi interviews Poe Ballantine

28 Jun 2018|

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To listen to the interview, click...Forward

Natalie Singer’s California Calling: A Self-Interrogation included in 5 summer beach read books by the Orange County Register

06 Jun 2018|

California Calling: A Self Interrogation by Natalie Singer

Singer’s memoir begins with a Joan Didion quote reminding us that “The prize was California” and a memorable first line, “My affair with California begins long before we meet.” This is as much a California story as it is Singer’s, and it’s as much a poem or song — exquisite snippets of language and metaphor — as it is a memoir about Singer’s life as a young woman, an immigrant, a daughter, and a reporter. There’s...Forward