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Congratulations to Peter Selgin whose memoir, The Inventors, won the Housatonic Book Award in nonfiction!

31 Oct 2017|

Peter Selgin’s memoir, The Inventors, wins the Housatonic Book Award in nonfiction!



The Inventors by Peter Selgin


Walking the Llano: A Texas Memoir of Place by Shelley Armitage

A Piece of Sky, A Grain of Rice by Christine Hale

The Jaguar Man by Lara Naughton

A Road Unforeseen: Woman Fight the Islamic State by Meredith Tax

Eddie Plum, who insists he’s been unjustifiably committed to a California psychiatric hospital, manages to finally escape after fourteen years of incarceration to start his life anew. On the run, he holes up in a sheltered barrio on a bluff above the Pacific Ocean owned by his wealthy but unsympathetic father. Here he meets Sweets, the telepathic dog, laments the loss of Sofia, his madhouse lover, and plays the horses at the Del Mar Racetrack. Eventually he meets up with an old friend, Shelly...Forward

California Calling is a lyrical self-interrogation of obsession, emigration, and identity. Natalie Singer’s story opens in a courtroom on a witness stand, where she’s forced to testify in a family breakup that changes the course of her life. At sixteen Natalie emigrates from Montreal and the secrets it holds to the golden promise of the California Bay Area, just as her Jewish ancestors fled Russia and went west for a new life. Through uneasy rituals of high school pep rallies and college...Forward

Dr. Cornel West
“Frank Meeink’s book is a candid and captivating story of upbeat transformation of a raw racist into a courageous citizen which has much to teach all of us. Don’t miss it!”
Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud

This new edition of the acclaimed Frank Meeink story includes a preface by the author, nine new chapters, an updated epilogue, and resource guides for substance abuse recovery and countering racism. Frank Meeink has been a contributor to CNN, Fox News, NPR, BBC...Forward

Speaking Body to Body: Q&A With Lidia Yuknavitch Posted on June 21, 2017 by BLOOM

21 Jun 2017|

Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water breathed new life into the memoir genre. It won a slew of awards and amassed a loyal following of readers who will forever champion her work. Prompted by a dare from author Chuck Palahniuk—I’m not a big fan of memoir, but if you wrote one, I’d read it—she wrote a story that had lived in her body for twenty years.

Yuknavitch’s memoir delivers fearless prose and lays bare the truths of survival and its many facets. The opening holds nothing...Forward