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Kristen Stewart’s first feature film is Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir, The Chronology of Water. Kristen Stewart said, “I’m making the movie this summer…I’m going to write the best fucking female role.”

15 May 2018|

Close-up with Kristen Stewart, Feature Films Jury member

Festival de CannesWhat will your first feature film be about?

Kristen StewartI’m adapting a memoir. It’s called The Chronology of Water. Lidia Yuknavitch is from Portland. I love her novels but her memoires… it’s deeply personal to her. She’s in my blood and I knew that before I met her. As soon as I met her it was like we started this race without any sense of competition. I’m making the movie this summer but other than that,...Forward

Natalie Singer interview with Habit & Space

14 May 2018|

Habit & SpaceWhat’s your favorite thing someone else has said about your writing?

Natlie SingerEverything about writing a book is hard, but getting book blurbs was, for me, particularly fraught. When it came time to ask authors I admired and had learned from, my imposter syndrome kicked in. Like, who am I to ask for their time and attention, let alone their support? But you have to proceed. I was honored to get wonderful, perceptive blurbs, and it turned out that these were also some of the...Forward

Poe Ballantine’s novel Whirlaway included in Bend Magazine‘s 4 Books to Read This Spring

07 May 2018|

Written by Jennifer Forbess

New reads for spring suggested by COCC writing instructor Jennifer Forbess.

by Poe Ballantine

People can often seem on the surface to be relatively normal, but you just know there is a lot going on underneath, including, most likely, a little bit of crazy! At the beginning of the novel Whirlaway, protagonist Eddie Plum is an inmate of Napa State Psychiatric Hospital. Why? I’m not exactly sure. After he escapes with the help...Forward

Roxane Gay includes Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Chronology of Water in her Reading List of Five Memoirs.

12 Apr 2018|

The Reading List: Five Memoirs
Acclaimed essayist and intellectual Roxane Gay on her favorites of the genre.

Also included Terese Maillot, Morgan Jerkins, Claudia Rankine, and Aleksandar Hemon.

The Nervous Break down runs an excerpt from Poe Ballantine’s novel, Whirlaway

10 Apr 2018|

“At twenty-seven years old I was not emotionally equipped for living under lock and key behind sixteen-foot cyclone fences and having my ass stabbed every three days with drugs that turned my brains to buttermilk.” -Eddie Plum

To read the excerpt go to The Nervous Breakdown.