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The beauty of being a misfit, by Helen Walters

05 Jan 2017|

Misfit is a funny word. And yet even for those who don’t, as Lidia Yuknavitch does, identify as a “card-carrying misfit,” it likely brings along a twang of recognition. After all, everyone everywhere has experienced at least a moment or two when, actually, everything everywhere didn’t seem to fit quite right. Right?

As a writer and memoirist, Yuknavitch is also the patron saint of misfits. And she came to TED in 2016 to reassure her compadres in the room—“I’m never the only one”—and in her...Forward

Peter Selgin’s memoir, The Inventors, included in Nine Books You May Have Missed in 2016, by William Belcher

04 Jan 2017|

Like many readers, my TBR (to be read) pile is out of control. I can’t read fast enough to keep up with the number of books added on a weekly basis. So, more often than not, I miss a lot of the books that make those end of year lists. As 2016 comes to a close, I thought it would be interesting to do two things: 1) take a look at small press books you and I may have missed this year and 2) ask our local booksellers what they’d recommend. Given my tastes and reading habits, you’ll see the...Forward

Liz Crain is a guest on The Four Top hosted by Katherine Cole

04 Jan 2017|

Liz Crain was a guest on the New Year’s episode of The Four Top podcast. Topics of discussion included juicing (their favored juicing it turns out is of margaritas and daiquiris), foraging apps (less screen time please), and food as patriotism (bring back home ec!). At the end Liz talks about @sandorkraut‘s newest edition of Wild Fermentation and, along the way, got to use the word “mucilaginous.”

You can listen to the The Four Top podcast by tuning in via NPR One, iTunes, or the...Forward

Jenny Forester’s debut Narrow River, Wide Sky: A Memoir included in The Oregonian‘s 24 NW Books We’re Excited to Read.

04 Jan 2017|

Narrow River, Wide Sky, by Jenny Forrester, was included along with other Portland luminaries such as Lidia Yuknavitch, Renée Watson, Brian Doyle, Blake Nelson, and Renee Macalino Rutledge. Of Jenny Forester’s debut, Amanda Bullock of Literary Arts says, “I can’t wait to read her work.”

To see the entire list, go to The Oregonian.

Our Favorite Under-the-Radar Books Published in2016, by Ashley Bowen-Murphy for Book Riot

29 Dec 2016|

Books that should have gotten more buzz and into the hands of more readers this year

I love me a good essay collection, and Violation is now one of my favorites. Tisdale can find meaning anywhere and in anything: one of the best essays in this collection is on flies, and it is fabulous. You really do want to read an essay on flies! And also one on elephants! She has many essays on the natural world, and also on writing, on her family, on culture (Disneyland, dieting, abortion), and so much...Forward