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Poe Ballantine’s novel Whirlaway included in Bend Magazine‘s 4 Books to Read This Spring

07 May 2018|

Written by Jennifer Forbess

New reads for spring suggested by COCC writing instructor Jennifer Forbess.

by Poe Ballantine

People can often seem on the surface to be relatively normal, but you just know there is a lot going on underneath, including, most likely, a little bit of crazy! At the beginning of the novel Whirlaway, protagonist Eddie Plum is an inmate of Napa State Psychiatric Hospital. Why? I’m not exactly sure. After he escapes with the help of his psychiatrist, he meets up with his friend Shelly, who sells old records to gullible Europeans for a living. After that, well, there is just no summarization that would do this story justice. Part literary novel, part mystery, part dream sequence, this is Eddie’s personal journey through the psychiatric hospitals, racetracks, garage sales and Tijuana landfills of life.