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The beauty of being a misfit, by Helen Walters

05 Jan 2017|

Misfit is a funny word. And yet even for those who don’t, as Lidia Yuknavitch does, identify as a “card-carrying misfit,” it likely brings along a twang of recognition. After all, everyone everywhere has experienced at least a moment or two when, actually, everything everywhere didn’t seem to fit quite right. Right?

As a writer and memoirist, Yuknavitch is also the patron saint of misfits. And she came to TED in 2016 to reassure her compadres in the room—“I’m never the only one”—and in her quiet, sweet-but-tough way, to tell us her story. Of the death of her daughter, of her own circuitous journey through life and success, of the times she failed and the lessons she learned, and her realization along the way that being a misfit is nothing to be ashamed of but a way of life all its hard, complicated own.

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