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The West, Two Ways: An Excerpt from Jenny Forrester’s New Memoir, by Portland Monthly

20 Apr 2017|

In Narrow River, Wide Sky, the local writer mines her childhood culture shock in Colorado.

Jenny Forrester is the force behind Portland’s Unchaste Readers—a quarterly reading series for women, now in its fifth year—and an award-winning flash fiction writer. Her new memoir, Narrow River, Wide Sky (Hawthorne Books, May 1), is an unsentimental portrait of small-town Colorado, a formative environment that both oppressed her and shaped her identity. The book explores the complex forces of family, politics, and religion and her feminist awakenings in a chauvinist world. In this excerpt, she chronicles the culture shock of her family’s move from the liberal ski town of Vail to the tiny conservative outpost of Mancos.

To read the excerpt, please go to Portland Monthly.