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Natalie Singer interview with Habit & Space

14 May 2018|

Habit & SpaceWhat’s your favorite thing someone else has said about your writing?

Natlie SingerEverything about writing a book is hard, but getting book blurbs was, for me, particularly fraught. When it came time to ask authors I admired and had learned from, my imposter syndrome kicked in. Like, who am I to ask for their time and attention, let alone their support? But you have to proceed. I was honored to get wonderful, perceptive blurbs, and it turned out that these were also some of the first outsiders (people beyond my inner circle) who saw my book. So their responses to it were hugely validating. In particular, a writer I have been in awe of for a long time, Abigail Thomas, said, “The delicate architecture of this book is stunning, and the originality of Ms. Singer’s voice and mind is as exciting as anything I’ve read in years.” Abigail’s memoir Safekeeping was literally by my side the entire time I worked on my book. Her formal tactics—telescoping point of view, breaking traditional prose rules, flip-flopping tenses, fragmented language that glints with awareness—have enabled me to push boundaries in my own work.

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