News related to Soldiers in Hiding

by Richard Wiley

City of Asylum Opening Literary Center in Pittsburgh

19 Mar 2013|

City of Asylum Opening Literary Center in Pittsburgh

City of Asylum, a Pittsburgh, Pa., nonprofit that aims to create a community of writers and readers, offers a range of literary programs and provides sanctuary to exiled or politically oppressed writers, plans to open the Alphabet City Literary Center next spring.

“In addition to presenting our own programs, which have an international focus, we plan for Alphabet City to be a hub for Pittsburgh authors, musicians and community groups,”...Forward

Hawthorne’s Rediscovery Series was launched with Richard Wiley’s novel Soldiers in Hiding.

20 Feb 2013|

Richard Wiley’s Pen/Faulkner Award winning Soldiers in Hiding launched the Hawthorne Books Rediscovery series. In his introduction to this book, Wole Soyinka said Soldiers in Hiding was, “the most seductive and compelling of his works so far.”

Richard Wiley is Hawthorne’s only writer who served in the Peace Corps. Below is a partial bio from his website:

After Peace Corps in Korea Wiley moved across the Sea of Japan to Tokyo, where he spent five years trying to excel at Japanese. He got...Forward