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Review of Ariel Gore’s The End of Eve by Rebecca Fish Ewan for Brevity

21 Mar 2015|

Gore has such well-honed storytelling skills that she pares away the unnecessary until all that remains is a spare, exposed and beautiful story. Nothing need be added, nor taken away or altered…Even though the content of The End of Eve scared me away at first, what drew me in, besides the phenomenal writing, was the humor. Gore delivers this story so I can both laugh at the absurd (a girlfriend sneaking about with a mime) and feel my heart quake at her sad isolation like when her mother tosses...Forward

Ariel Gore: Finalist 2014 Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction

10 Mar 2015|

Hawthorne Books is very pleased to announce that Ariel Gore’s memoir The End of Eve has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction. The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 23, 2015, at The Publishing Triangle’s annual Triangle Awards, to take place at the Tishman Auditorium of the New School for Social Research (66 West 12th Street in New York City) at 7 p.m. The ceremony is free and open to the public, with a reception to follow.  At that time,...Forward

Congratulations to Ariel Gore whose memoir, The End of Eve, included as a Finalist for The 27th Annual Lambda Literary Awards!

04 Mar 2015|

The 27th Annual Lambda Literary Awards–or the “Lammys,” as they are affectionately known–kick off another record-breaking year with today’s announcement of the finalists. They were chosen from a record 818 submissions (up from 746 last year) from 407 publishers (up from 352 last year). Submissions came from major mainstream publishers and from academic presses, from both long-established and new LGBT publishers, as well as from emerging publish-on-demand technologies. Pioneer and...Forward

Congratulations to Ariel Gore whose memoir, The End of Eve, wins the Rainbow Award 2014 for Best Lesbian Book!

08 Dec 2014|

Congratulations to Ariel Gore whose memoir, The End of Eve, won the 2014 New Mexico Arizona Book Award in the Gay/Lesbian (GLBT) category

24 Nov 2014|

Ariel Gore’s The End of Eve chosen as one of the Library Journal’s Best Books of 2014

28 Oct 2014|

Congratulations to Ariel Gore!

To read the entire list, go to Library Journal.

Ariel Gore’s memoir, The End of Eve, is a 2014 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Finalist in two categories

26 Sep 2014|

Congratulations to Ariel Gore whose memoir, The End of Eve, is a 2014 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award Finalist in both the Gay/Lesbian (GLBT) and Nonfiction categories.

To see entire list of finalists, go to New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

OPB’s Think Out Loud replays the Ariel Gore interview today at 12:35PM.

25 Sep 2014|

Ariel Gore discusses her memoir, The End of Eve, and much more with Allison Frost on OPB’s special replay today on Think Out Loud.

Ariel Gore’s memoir, The End of Eve, named one of The Best Books of 2014 So Far

08 Jul 2014|

The End of Eve by Ariel Gore

Ariel Gore’s memoir details the last years of her mother’s life. You’d think that such a work would be sappy and sentimental, but once you get to know Eve, you’ll see that’s not the case at all. The End of Eve had just about everything I ever want in a memoir: WTF plot events, almost-over-the-top characters that you never doubt are real, gorgeous and breathtaking moments of introspection, and wry humor. Bonus points for it being written by a lady who...Forward

“You Should Read This: The End of Eve by Ariel Gore,” reviewed by Susie Rodarme for Insatiable Booksluts

10 Jun 2014|

If I had to pick a must-read book of the year so far, it would be this book. The End of Eve is approachable, witty, and beautiful, with an underlying tough-as-fucking-nails attitude that leads you into dazzling spaces and dark corners without a second’s warning. The intersection of gorgeous, thoughtful writing and an immediately-compelling story put it high up on my list of books to recommend to just about anybody. Read it, okay?

To read the entire article go to Insatiable Booksluts.

“Palliative care, cross-country moves, and whiskey in a Mason jar: Ariel Gore’s The End of Eve,” by Caroline Diezyn for Offbeat Home & Life

04 Jun 2014|

The aging population means that more and more Americans will be taking care of ill and disabled relatives. A relative in palliative care is a reality that many of us will face. Sometimes, our relationship with that relative is a difficult one even in the best of health.

We search for home — for the life that we want, the family we make, where we plant roots — and we could find different iterations of that throughout life. What The End of Eve explores is the idea that even with our...Forward

“What Happened When I Tried To Put A Breastfeeding Mom On My Magazine’s Cover,” by Ariel Gore for the Huffington Post

22 May 2014|

When I had my first child at 19, I lived to breastfeed in public. I’d grown up amid the Nestle boycott protesting that company’s international anti-breastfeeding campaigns, and I’d come of age in Asia and Europe—where no one gawked at the exposure of a little tit. Back home in the United States, Americans’ squeamishness about breastfeeding struck me as both puritanical and anti-children’s-health. I fed my baby daughter whenever she got hungry, and I silently refused to move when a waitress or...Forward

Frisky Q&A: Hip Mama Editor Ariel Gore Talks Parenthood, Abuse & Her New Memoir, The End of Eve, by Jessica Wakeman

10 May 2014|

Mother’s Day is when advertising distills motherhood down to home-cooked brunch, a bracelet, or a fragrant bouquet. But for far too many people, the relationship with their mom is a complicated one. Not all mothers have been nurturing and caring; not all daughters and sons have overcome the trauma of their childhoods as adults. There can be a lot of love in a mother-child relationship, but also a deep well of pain. That’s why The End Of Eve: A Memoir, by Ariel Gore, is the perfect antidote...Forward

Hip Mama Cover Banned Because Breasts Being Used For Breastfeeding Are Just So Scandalous, by Eve Vawter for Mommyish  

22 Apr 2014|

I absolutely adore Ariel Gore, the publisher of Hip Mama magazine, and her books helped me through my pregnancies and she was the first parenting writer I ever really related to. Hip Mama is awesome and the latest issue hits newsstands next month, but not with the cover image Ariel wanted for it, because newsstands refuse to carry it due to the fact it features Barcelona-based artist Ana Alvarez-Errecalde breastfeeding her four-year-old son. Because breasts and using them to feed children is...Forward

Ariel Gore discusses her book The End of Eve on KBOO

19 Apr 2014|

Host Lisa Loving speaks with Ariel Gore, the editor & publisher of the Alternative Press Award-winning magazine Hip Mama and the author of eight books. Her latest, The End of Eve, chronicles her years spent caring for her dying mother. The memoir has been called “Terms of Endearment meets Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

To listen to the podcast go to KBOO.

“Mommy dearest,” by Jim Piechota for The Bay Area Reporter

18 Apr 2014|

The End of Eve by Ariel Gore; Hawthorne Books, $16.95

Caretaking for an elderly parent is an inevitability for many of us. As one of the more definitive labors of love that we must endure as compassionate human beings, it requires a great amount of physical and emotional strength and, perhaps above everything else, the patience to endure the process while attempting to make sense of it all in our head. It can be exquisitely raw, sad and painful, but at the same time, a uniquely beautiful...Forward

In Memoir “The End of Eve,” Ariel Gore Breaks Down Myths About Moms and Daughters, by Sarah Maria Medina for Bitch Media

14 Apr 2014|

Like many, people I discovered writer Ariel Gore when another mother handed me her beloved first edition of The Hip Mama Survival Guide. She said something like, “Here, you’ll need this.” And she was right. I needed someone to tell me what was really going on with the beautiful, ridiculous path of motherhood that I was about to embark upon. The book became my companion as my hair turned into a perpetual bird nest and my belly swelled until my clothes no longer fit. Hip Mama was raw and...Forward

The End of Eve: A Memoir Looking for the Light,” by Alison Barker for LA Review of Books

08 Apr 2014|

Ariel Gore has written extensively on the cultural and political aspects of motherhood. She is the founder of the recently relaunched Hip Mama Magazine, founded in 1993 and credited with launching the “alternative” parenting movement — one that talks back to traditional, two-parent, heteronormative familial units. Her Hip Mama Survival Guide encapsulated the ethics of the magazine in how-to book form. An award-winning journalist, she is also the author of seven books that span fiction,...Forward

“Ariel Gore: Taking Care of Mother” by July Westhale for Lambda Literary

04 Apr 2014|

Celebrated novelist and journalist Ariel Gore’s stunningly harrowing book, The End of Eve, was released in March from Hawthorne Books. The memoir, which follows Gore’s relationship with her abusive mother during the last years of her mother’s life, invokes a sense of place and what it means to be a caretaker. As any good journalist would do, Gore rushes straight into the eye of the storm, never flinching from the wreckage around her.

Gore was gracious enough to agree to be interviewed by...Forward

Megan La Plante of Hawthorne Books interviewed author, publisher, and long-time Portlander Ariel Gore about her new memoir, The End of Eve for NW Book Lovers

26 Mar 2014|

MLHow does this memoir compare to your other published works? Was it a significant change of pace in terms of the tone you wanted to accomplish?

AGThis is by far my most vulnerable book, and in that way I think my best. What I wanted to accomplish when I was writing it was really just that honesty, so I had to convince myself that it would never be published in order to feel like I could tell the whole truth. I couldn’t think about who would read it and how they might judge me. I knew I had...Forward

“Ariel Gore’s Memoir Explores The Complex Role Of Caregiving” on OPB’s Think Out Loud, interview by Julie Sabatier

24 Mar 2014|

Not too long ago, author Ariel Gore found herself facing the problems of the sandwich generation. This phenomenon refers to a position more and more middle-aged Americans find themselves in — sandwiched between caring for aging parents and raising children. In her new memoir The End of Eve, Ariel chronicles the often thankless role of caregiver with honesty, humility, and humor. The book begins with her elderly mother Eve’s diagnosis with Stage IV lung cancer.

To read the entire article...Forward

“Good-nervous Elation: Publisher, editor and author Ariel Gore reads at Food For Thought,” byPete Redington for The Valley Advocate

19 Mar 2014|

Self-described teen welfare mom Gore crashed the literary scene with her parenting zine Hip Mama back in 1993. After suspending publication for the past five years, she recently began printing again, and just published its 20th year anniversary edition.

“Back then it was, ‘Oh, you’re a lady author, that’s so unusual.’ Even the radical press was male-dominated, and extremely white-dominated,” says Gore. “People take you more seriously as you get older. But some writers still have...Forward

Ariel Gore’s The End of Eve  #17 on Powell’s Best Seller list!

13 Mar 2014|

Bestsellers Top 50 books for Thursday, March 13

Welcome to Powell’s Bestseller Room. If you’re looking for a dependable recommendation, you’re in the right place. Each week we stock our shelves with our customers’ current favorites. And since Powell’s prides itself on our cut-above-the-rest clientele, why not follow their lead?

Go to Powell’s Books to see the entire list and purchase books!

Ariel Gore’s “Bringing Up the Dead” for Powell’s Books

12 Mar 2014|

I have this recurring nightmare that my mother is alive.
She never died.
I’ve made a terrible mistake.
I have to call my editor.
We can’t publish the book.
I don’t know how I could have made such a wild mistake.
I mean, she looked dead.
I signed the papers.
I let the man from the cut-rate crematorium in Albuquerque take her body away.

But in the dream, she isn’t dead.
And in the dream, she’s really pissed about the book.

I can’t get through to my editor. Of course I can’t get through. It’s...Forward

Excerpt of The End of Eve by Ariel Gore in Utne Reader

12 Mar 2014|

From Utne Reader:

The End of Eve (Hawthorne Books & Literary Arts, 2014) is author Ariel Gore’s tough and elegant recounting of her mother’s sickness and final days. With prose that is dark and humorous, Gore reveals how she took on the care of her “crazy dying mother”, and how she came to a reappraisal of the meanings of loyalty and love. Excerpted below is the first chapter, titled All About Eve.

I must have been ten years old when my mother took me to see Mommie Dearest and then...Forward

The End of Eve by Ariel Gore Named One of Kirkus’ Best Books Out This Week!

11 Mar 2014|

“Wickedly sharp reading filled to bursting with compassion, rage, pain and wit.”

To read the entire review, go to Kirkus.

Book Trib’s Melissa Duclos on Ariel Gore’s The End of Eve: “Taking care of our parents, and ourselves”

05 Mar 2014|

In any given year, almost 30% of the U.S. population will be caring for an ill, disabled, or aging friend or family member.” So we are informed by Ariel Gore in her new memoir The End of Eve (Hawthorne Books, March). She goes on to explain: “The typical caregiver, it turns out, is me: An adult female with children of her own caring for her widowed mother.”

Gore is the publisher and editor of the alternative parenting magazine Hip Mama and the author of seven previous works of fiction and...Forward

The audiobook edition of The End of Eve by Ariel Gore is now available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

05 Mar 2014|

The audiobook edition of The End of Eve by Ariel Gore is now available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

Women and Happiness: The history, science, and experiences of women and personal fulfillment, by Ariel Gore

26 Feb 2014|

Laughing in the Face of Trauma
Abuse is no laughing matter, but sometimes a well-place guffaw can be disarming
Published on February 26, 2014 by Ariel Gore in Women and Happiness

“I’m writing a comedy about domestic violence.”

Awkward silence.

I didn’t know what else to say. “I’m writing about lung cancer!” Or “A great project about watching my beautiful, abusive mom die!”

It all sounded so depressing.

People would go all doe-eyed and pat me on the shoulder.

But a comedy?...Forward

Ariel Gore: The TNB Self-Interview

26 Feb 2014|

Ariel GoreLike writing this memoir wasn’t exercise enough in accelerating through self-consciousness and isolation, now I have to interview myself about it?

Ariel GoreApparently.

Ariel GoreYou’ve been quoted calling your new memoir, The End of Eve, “a comedy about domestic violence.” What’s up with that?

Ariel GoreWhen I was working on the book I found it a bit tricky to explain to people what I was doing. “I’m writing about lung cancer!”

“A great project about watching my...Forward

The Nervous Breakdown runs an excerpt from Ariel Gore’s The End of Eve

25 Feb 2014|

Lung Cancer Noir

Two months shy of the death date my mother had written on her calendar in red pen, Sol and I sublet our studio apartment to an art student for the school year. We’d keep the shop space downstairs.

“Your situation is interesting,” the art student said as he signed the lease agreement. “If there’s a gay kid in the family, it’s always the gay kid who has to take care of the sick parent. I always thought that was because the gay kid wouldn’t have any children of...Forward

Hip Mama founder as dutiful daughter,” by Meredith May for the San Francisco Chronicle

04 Feb 2014|

Oakland author Ariel Gore, who came up with a radical idea 20 years ago to create the alternative parenting magazine Hip Mama, is taking an even bigger bite out of the notion of the American Pie Mom with a new memoir and an even edgier makeover of her nationally acclaimed magazine.

After a five-year break as Hip Mama editor and publisher to care for her abusive, terminally ill mother in New Mexico, Gore has written a darkly humorous mother-daughter memoir “The End of Eve,” (Hawthorne Books),...Forward

Ariel Gore’s National Book Tour for The End of Eve

29 Jan 2014|

Ariel Gore coming soon to your city!

Ariel Gore’s memoir, The End of Eve, releases simultaneously with her reownership and relaunch of Hip Mama Magazine, about which The New Yorker said, “it’s the quality of the writing that sets Hip Mama apart,” and which USA Today called, “fun and irreverent.” The End of Eve is darkly humorous and intimately human, and plays like Terms of Endearment meets Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Ariel becomes a reluctant caregiver to her dying mother, and amidst the chaos of clowns and hospice workers,...Forward

“What Do We Owe a Dying Parent? Notes from a Reluctant Caregiver,” by Ariel Gore for Psychology Today

28 Oct 2013|

My mother wore a coral sweater and matching nail polish the day she came to tell me she had stage 4 lung cancer.

I took a deep breath and exhaled.

In her usual and offensive communication style, my mother shook her head. “Pitifully, Ariel,” she sighed, “you’re all I have.”

I didn’t want to take care of my mother. But I knew I would.

I’d join 65 million other Americans—almost 30 percent of the U.S. population—who care for an ill, disabled, or aging friend or family member....Forward

Ariel Gore interview in Mutha Magazine by Michele Tea

18 Sep 2013|

“The Hippest Mama: MUTHA Interviews ARIEL GORE”

Seventeen years after giving birth to her daughter, Gore had a son. She is in the process of preparing Hip Mama for a re-launch into the online world next year Her latest book, The End of Eve is a dark comedy about death, queer divorce, and green chile apple pie has been described as “Terms of Endearment” meets “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” I was so psyched that she found the time to chat with MUTHA.  – Michele Tea

MUTHAI read The...Forward

Ariel Gore relaunches Hip Mama!

04 Sep 2013|

From Ariel Gore, author of The End of Eve (Hawthorne Books, 3/1/14):

The new Hip Mama launches in early 2014 with founding editor (me!) and expanded food, arts, and political coverage. Do you have any favorite local bookstores, markets, or kids’ stores you’d be willing to approach about carrying the zine? Message me ( with your mailing address and I’ll send you flyers… and maybe even some free swag for your enthusiasm!