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Caleb Powell’s Arguments Worth Having: Interviews/Conversations includes Hawthorne authors: Poe Ballantine, Gregory Martin, Frank Meeink, David Shields, and Lidia Yuknavitch

25 Sep 2014|

Caleb Powell is a writer, teacher and family man who lives in Seattle.

To read his interviews with Hawthorne authors and Eula Biss. Andie Trosper DeRoux, Saadia Haq, Tim Jones-Yelvington, Ander Monson, Peter Mountford, and Jervey Tervalon, go to Arguments Worth Having.

Gregory Martin Interview with Terry Tazioli on Well Read

08 Jul 2013|

Greg Martin’s father tried to kill himself. The reason? To hide a secret he’d hidden from his family for decades.

To download Terry Tazioli’s interview go to Well Read.

Book-It Repertory Theater reading Greg Martin’s Stories for Boys

08 Jul 2013|

Book-It Repertory Theatre presents staged readings from Stories for Boys, adapted and directed by Laura Ferri. Author Gregory Martin joins Ferri and cast for a post-performance discussion as part of Seattle Reads. You can download the podcast at the Seattle Public Library.

Gregory Martin discusses Stories for Boys at the Seattle Public Library

08 Jul 2013|

Gregory Martin discusses his book Stories for Boys, the 2013 Seattle Reads pick, with readers at the Northeast Branch. You can download the podcast at the Seattle Public Library.

Gregory Martin on Author Magazine talking about his Seattle Reads Stories for Boys

18 Jun 2013|

Gregory Martin on Author Magazine with William Kenower talking about his memoir Stories for Boys chosen by Seattle Reads.

To watch the interview go to Author Magazine.

Gregory Martin’s Stories for Boys included in Pacific Northwest Independent Bestseller List!

13 May 2013|

Gregory Martin’s Stories for Boys included in Pacific Northwest Independent Bestseller List for Paperback Nonfiction!

Gregory Martin’s Stories for Boys reviewed in Green Mountains Review

13 May 2013|

This is a book that works like the mind itself in a state of trauma, attacking its focal point from all angles, then circling around to try again. In the course of this dance, Stories for Boys becomes a tale of anger and sadness, confusion and wonder, and then, only in the end, once all the possibilities have been exhausted, into one of familial reconciliation against all odds.—Will Donnelly,  Green Mountains Review

To read the entire review, go to Green Mountains Review

Gregory Martin interviewed by Mary Ann Gwinn in the Seattle Times

29 Apr 2013|

Some books hold hard truths but offer a life ring of hope and even humor in an ocean of sadness. Stories for Boys, Gregory Martin’s memoir of his family’s coming to terms with the fact that his father is a closeted gay man, is such a book.

To read the entire interview, go to the Seattle Times.

Gregory Martin: No Sweat, by Marilyn Dahl for Shelf Awareness

26 Apr 2013|

“I remember reading at Elliott Bay and sweat pouring down my face like Robert Duvall in The Apostle, and Christine coming up the aisle and giving me one of Oliver’s cloth diapers to mop my face. Sure, I was mortified, but I was reading at Elliott Bay! What could be better?”

To read the entire article, go to Shelf Awareness.

Stories for Boys by Gregory Martin chosen by the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Book Club

15 Apr 2013|

The Seattle Gay and Lesbian Book Club has chosen Gregory Martin’s memoir, Stories for Boys as their May read! If you want to read along with both the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Book Club and the Seattle Library’s Seattle Reads, go to your local bookstore or buy a copy from Hawthorne.

Greg Martin’s Stories for Boys reviewed by Apt

07 Apr 2013|

Stories for Boys is the repressed Western cousin of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Are You My Mother? In place of Bechdel’s obsessive perseveration, Martin gives us almost taciturn access to a shifting emotional landscape. Here we can see what it means to learn to love someone in a new way, in the long time after the moment when everything changes. This is not a comfortable space, but it is where most of us live most of the time and we’re lucky to have Martin as a guide and...Forward

Greg Martin with Paul Martone on Late Night Conversation

21 Mar 2013|

Welcome to Late Night Conversation, a podcast featuring unscripted talks with writers, editors, publishers, and other cultural innovators. Late Night Conversation is released on the 10th and the 20th of every month.

This week we feature writer Gregory Martin, whose most recent memoir, Stories For Boys, resonates in the ongoing dialogue around gender and sexuality. Gregory’s personal narrative follows his struggle to reconcile the idea he had of his father with a man who has survived a...Forward

Prism International reviews Greg Martin’s memoir, Stories for Boys

18 Mar 2013|

“This is a book for anyone who is a parent, and anyone who has parents. It is a few moments on a lifelong journey of learning empathy that resonates with loud and small echoes of love.”—Jennifer Spruit, Prism International

To read the entire review, go to Prism International.

Greg Martin on Late Night Conversation with Paul Martone

15 Mar 2013|

Greg Martin on Late Night Conversation with Paul Martone on March 20, 2013.

Late Night Library is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting talented writers early in their careers. Our programs include a series of podcasts about debut titles, podcast conversations with cultural innovators, events that connect diverse literary communities, and a virtual network of writers and readers.

To listen to this podcast and more go to Late Night Library.

Reading Group Toolbox: A Conversation with Gregory Martin by Linda Johns, Seattle Public Library

07 Mar 2013|

Linda JohnsHow much about the book “Stories for Boys” did you know or understand when you first began writing it? What was revealed to you during the writing?

Greg MartinThe short answer about what I understood at the front end is “not much. “But I did know what I wanted. I wanted to understand my father better, to somehow get a handle on how this man I had known all of my life could have been successfully living a secret life without me ever having even a single notion. How did he-how does...Forward

Gregory Martin discussing his fall 2012 title Stories for Boys on the NPR radio program Access Utah.

16 Feb 2013|

Listen to Greg Martin’s interview on NPR affiliate Access Utah.

Barnes & Noble’s Discover Great New Writers: A Conversation with Gregory Martin

15 Jan 2013|

Dear Reader,

The Discover selection committee readers weren’t the only folks bowled over by Gregory Martin’s memoir new memoir, Stories for Boys —Cheryl Strayed, Pam Houston and Antonya Nelson have all weighed in with high praise for this candid memoir of family secrets and fathers and sons.

Martin discusses when memoirs go wrong, the unravelling of secret lives, writing about family (and how much children need to be told), among other things, with Discover Great New Writers.

To read...Forward

Gregory Martin on television this morning with Nikki Stanzione, host of New Mexico Style, talking about Stories for Boys

21 Dec 2012|

If you missed Greg Martin talking about his memoir, Stories for Boys, on television this morning with Nikki Stanzione, host of New Mexico Style, you can watch him here.

Gregory Martin’s memoir, Stories for Boys chosen for Seattle Reads 2013!

18 Dec 2012|

2013 Seattle Reads to feature ‘Stories for Boys’ by Gregory Martin

In 1998, The Seattle Public Library launched a program to get Seattleites reading and discussing the same book. “Seattle Reads” is now an annual event and has been widely emulated in cities, states and countries around the world.

In the 15th year of the series, The Seattle Public Library will feature “Stories for Boys: A Memoir” by Gregory Martin. Martin will visit Seattle in early May 2013 to talk with readers about his book....Forward