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“Astral travelling: Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ ‘Push the Sky Away,’” by Mark Mordue, author of Dastgah: Diary of a Headtrip

29 Mar 2014|

We don’t often go on journeys with musicians any more. Not over the length of an album. From iTunes to Spotify, we live in an ocean of musical particles, and are becoming particles ourselves: skipping and playlisting, downloading fragments and mostly listening alone.

In that respect, Nick Cave belongs to another time, when the likes of Neil Young’s On the Beach, David Bowie’s Low and Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man wove an outsider sensibility and the unsettled ambience of an era into a...Forward

In Honor of Lou Reed

28 Oct 2013|

Lou Reed: Another Brick in the Wall, An interview with Lou Reed about Berlin, by Mark Mordue

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Talking to Lou Reed is like trying to communicate with a doorstop. The kind of thing you inevitably stub your toe on. Reed is, of course, notoriously difficult: testy, abrupt, contemptuous of journalists and prone, at best, to dead weight answers that refuse anything akin to conversation. Management demand to see all likely questions before the interview, ‘control’ is the...Forward

While you are waiting for Mark Mordue’s biography on Nick Cave, you can read his Self Interview at TNB

15 Feb 2013|

Mark says, “Print is tired, not just in its physical conditions and forms, but in the types of pieces it publishes and the same old faces it perpetuates. That said, save me from print journals that try to get all jazzy and online and ‘young’ with me. It’s like someone’s old uncle getting drunk at a party and dancing badly.”

To read the entire interview, go to The Nervous Breakdown.