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Author of Clown Girl

“Life Was a Roving Party Until I Grew Up,” by Monica Drake for Modern Love, New York Times

17 Oct 2014|

If you want to meet an available man who is well dressed, showered and looking good, hang around divorce court. There is one in every town.

Men shave and have their hair cut before they show up. They’re working hard to win children back, save money, hold on to houses, and maybe impress soon-to-be ex-wives.

I was a 19-year-old college student ordering a cup of coffee between classes when a man came up beside me, poured an ice water and downed the whole glass in one long drink. He had black...Forward

Tom Spanbauer, Chuck Palahniuk, and Lidia Yuknavitch at PNCA hosted by Monica Drake

18 Apr 2014|

Monica Drake at PNCA hosts a reading event with Tom Spanbauer, Chuck Palahniuk, and Lidia Yuknavitch at PNCA.

The Rumpus Interview with Monica Drake, by Roxane Gay

24 Oct 2013|

Women age—hell, people age—but the issues women face while aging are complicated, and these complications are finely brought to bear in Monica Drake’s The Stud Book. The novel follows the friendships of four women of a certain age, all with different relationships to motherhood. Sarah suffers from fertility issues and is in a deep, bitter sorrow over several miscarriages. Georgie has a newborn and a husband who is strangely absenting himself from their lives, and she’s not sure how to...Forward

Monica Drake’s “Utensils” on The Rumpus

13 Sep 2013|

My husband, my daughter, and I tolerate a fork in our drawer that doesn’t match the rest of the flatware. Nobody uses it. I never put this fork in the dishwasher. It stays clean. It’s totally lonely, and I don’t know where it came from. Maybe it’s something I had in my house when I lived alone, before getting married, but if so, I didn’t notice it then. It would’ve come in a bag of mixed silverware I bought at a garage sale outside of a historic mansion in one of Portland’s better...Forward

Monica Drake’s short story, “Bones in the Garden,” was an entire issue for the Stranger

11 Jul 2013|

Monica Drake and the Stranger Issue to Remember, by Charles Mudede

Remember this?

That entire issue was a short story, “Bones in the Garden,” written by Monica Drake, a Portland author whose recent novel The Stud Book was published by Hogarth and reviewed favorably in several papers, including ours. Well, this Friday, Monica Drake will read from The Stud Book at the wonderful space called Vermillion.

To read the entire article, go to the Stranger.

Monica Drake Guest Blogs for Powell’s Books

16 Apr 2013|

True, I’ve been that neighbor down the hall, a dive apartment, the scent of frying onions seeping under the door. You’ve been there too, I think. Maybe you have. If you haven’t, that’s your loss.

There’s a Bukowski story called “The Devil Was Hot.” A man finds the devil trapped in a cage in a carnival. He gets the devil out, takes him home. Bukowski writes:

I fried him a bacon and egg sandwich for starters and we sat down with Flo.
“Your friend is a handsome looking devil,” she told me.

Monica Drake on OPB talks comedy and reads an excerpt from her new novel The Stud Book

16 Apr 2013|

Monica Drake on OPB talks comedy and reads an excerpt from her new novel The Stud Book. To watch go to OPB.

Monica Drake talking about her new novel, The Stud Book, on Oregon Public Radio’s Think Out Loud

10 Apr 2013|

Portland author Monica Drake says she drew on her experience interning at the Oregon Zoo for one of the storylines in her new novel, The Stud Book. She worked on charting the baby elephants’ behavior every 45 seconds. Sarah, one of the book’s main characters, struggles with infertility in her personal life, even as she is surrounded by reproducing animals and zoo patrons who seem to be teeming with offspring.

Drake says the themes that emerge as her characters lives unfold include an implicit...Forward

PW reviews Monica Drake’s The Stud Book.

28 Feb 2013|

Publishers Weekly reviews Monica Drake’s second novel, The Stud Book.

“Drake’s characters don’t just remember an older, more run-down city, they seem to inhabit it… Drake (Clown Girl) combines their lives in a quirky, knowing way, showing the complexities of modern-day female life, species Pacific Northwest native.”

To read the entire review, go to Publishers Weekly.

Please be sure to also read Monica’s debut novel, Clown Girl, if you have not already!

Lidia Yuknavitch (l) and Monica Drake (r) with k.d. lang at the John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders: A Benefit for the Children’s Cancer Association’s My Music Rx.

14 Feb 2013|

Lidia Yuknavitch and Monica Drake with k.d. lang last night at the John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders: A Benefit for the Children’s Cancer Association’s My Music Rx.  Also participating was Carrie Brownstein, Peter Buck, Sallie Ford, Ben Gibbard, k.d. lang, Storm Large, Scott McCaughey, Colin Meloy, Eugene Mirman, and Laura Veirs.

You can pre-order Monica Drake’s The Stud Book, so please do!

06 Feb 2013|

Cant’ wait to read Monica Drake’s second novel, The Stud Book? Well, take action and pre-order it now!

Bridesmaids’ Kristen Wiig options Monica Drake’s Clown Girl

06 May 2010|

Saturday Night Live cast member Kristen Wiig is using her own money to option Clown Girl, the 2007 Monica Drake novel that Wiig will adapt into a feature script. Wiig wants to play the heroine, Nita, a clown in crisis who works street fairs as Sniffles the Clown. Nita is barely surviving in her hometown of Baloneytown, pining for a dream man who used her to finance his attendance at clown college. As a result, she struggles to live and tries to resist the potentially lucrative prostitution...Forward