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Hawthorne Books releases Brilliance by Anthony McCarten

For immediate release 16 Apr 2013

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Independent publishing house Hawthorne Books today announced the availability of Brilliance by Anthony McCarten.

Brilliance is about Thomas Edison and the “world’s banker,” J.P. Morgan, who become embroiled in the War of the Currents, which pits their Direct Current electrical system against the Alternating Current system promoted by George Westinghouse and is the brainchild of Edison’s former assistant, Nikola Tesla.  Brilliance brings to life the birth of the modern era, providing an indelible portrait of the times in which we now live. New York Times best-selling author Karen Karbo said, “Anthony McCarten’s sharp, dazzling novel about the inventors and millionaires who colluded to bring electric light to the world is more than a great, entertaining read—it’s also a sly, contemporary take on the complicated often corrupting effect of money, marketing, and hype on creativity. “

Virtual book tour to include book clubs.

A ten-city tour is being scheduled for Mr. McCarten in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and others.

Foreign publication rights have been purchased in Germany, the UK, and the Commonwealth countries.

Film projects underway, details to be soon released.

Anthony McCarten divides his time between London and Los Angeles.

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