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by Patrick Holland

Powell’s Books Author Archive: Patrick Holland, “Silent Plains”

12 Feb 2014|

There are seven stories I read at least once a year, for pleasure and in the same very rational spirit that infertile males of certain old (and new) world tribes have eaten rhinoceros horns and tiger penises, hoping that imbibing a thing of a certain shape and power will transfer the shape and power upon the imbiber. One of those stories is Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro.” Each time he follows that woman through the streets of Paris, dreaming she is his first love, hoping she will not...Forward

Patrick Holland, author of The Mary Smokes Boys interviewed by Matt Dwyer, host of Feral Audio

05 Feb 2014|

Critically acclaimed Australian Patrick Holland visits the U.S. for the first time to promote his novel, The Mary Smokes Boys. Mr. Holland joins Dwyer to discuss life in rural Australia, the vibrance of the people in Vietnam, being homeless in Japan, his take on America for the first time and ambient literature. Mr. Holland is a very unique, brilliant and must read writer.

Listen to the interview at Feral Audio.

Matt Dwyer is a comedian, actor and writer who has been a staple in the...Forward

The Portland Mercury‘s Alison Hallett on Hawthorne Books

22 Jan 2014|

PORTLAND’S Hawthorne Books has been quietly exercising great taste for years now, publishing authors like Monica Drake, Tom Spanbauer, and Poe Ballantine. In addition to their oversized format and distinctive French flaps, Hawthorne’s books are characterized by strong, iconoclastic authorial voices, in both intensely personal memoirs and in novels that’d be unlikely to find a champion at safer, more conventional publishers.—Alison Hallett, The Portland Mercury

Independent publishing house Hawthorne Books today announced the availability of The Mary Smokes Boys by Patrick Holland on February 1, 2014.

  • Longlisted for the 2011 Miles Franklin Literary Award
  • Shortlisted for 2011 The Age Book of the Year
  • A 2011 Australian Book Review Book of the Year
  • A 2011 Adelaide Advertiser Book of the Year
  • A 2011 Readings Book of the Year

The Mary Smokes Boys is a gem. The writing is absolutely terrific and the characters distinct and deftly revealed. And the story...Forward