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Cover of Girl Trouble

Kerry Cohen

Girl Trouble

An Illustrated Memoir
  • nonfiction
  • ISBN 978-0-9970683-3-7

Bestselling memoirist and psychotherapist Kerry Cohen (Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity) explores complicated female friendships in Girl Trouble. Beginning with her relationship with her sister Tyler Cohen, who illustrates the memoir, Kerry examines the many ways female friendships can affect a girl’s life. From bullying and failed friendships to competition and painful break ups, Girl Trouble brings forth a story of how one girl learned to navigate the many difficulties of feminine friendships. Girls and women everywhere will relate to the confusion and hurt feelings, and they will also learn along with Kerry how to make better choices over the years.

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27 September 2016

The Manifest-Station publishes “The Day My Mother Left” by Kerry Cohen

The day my mother left, I was eleven years old. It was July 1982. In just a few months I’d be twelve. And then thirteen. And so on. Life would move forward, even though my mother had left me. I could not fathom such a thing then. I would grow up....Forward

Praise for Girl Trouble

A clear and concise survey of one woman’s journey through a life’s worth of difficult and sometimes devastating female friendships.  Cohen bravely details how one’s family of origin impacts our later relationships, and accurately demonstrates how we must first sort ourselves out before we can establish healthy bonds with others.

Blake Nelson
Author of The City Wants You Alone

Kerry Cohen traces a delicate thread that runs thorough so many women’s lives—from our earliest years to our last, we navigate the intricacies of female friendship. Cohen’s concise portraits bring to life all those girls we knew—and loved madly and hated, and envied and feared—carrying the reader from the years when girlhood itself felt as tender and raw as a bruise, through the emotional minefield of friendships in early womanhood, to the later laughter and ease that we finally are able to share with our female friends. A small treasure.

Marya Hornbacher
Author of Madness: A Bipolar Life

I was mesmerized by Girl Trouble. Kerry Cohen writes about friendship and longing with such searching intensity, I simply could not put the book down until I’d read it all. Girl Trouble is raw, real, and revelatory.

Cheryl Strayed
Author of Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

One of the ways this book offers healing is through Cohen’s collaboration with the illustrator, her older sister Tyler. During “an ugly divorce, fraught with affairs and devastation and anger,” their mother chose the older sister as her ally and confidante, leaving a breach between the two sisters that they wouldn’t repair until adulthood. Her sister was her first true female friend and the first betrayal (of many). A brief, canny book that will make any girl who feels alone feel less alone.

Kirkus Reviews

Girl Trouble makes you feel less alone. This is a book I want to buy for all my friends.

Joanna Whitehead
The F Word: Contemporary UK Feminism