James Bernard Frost is the author of the novel World Leader Pretend, and the award-winning travel guide The Artichoke Trail.  His fiction and nonfiction has been published in many places, including the San Francisco Examiner, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and Wired. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with the author Kerry Cohen, their four children, the rain, the freaks, and the trees. His bike is currently in disrepair.


James Bernard Frost has given us the best novel, ever, about this strange underground world of misfits and heroes.

Chuck Palahniuk
Author of Tell-All

A Very Minor Prophet is the story of how Barth Flynn, a barista swimming upstream against purposelessness in Portland, Oregon, becomes the faithful scribe of Joseph Patrick Booker. Booker is a dwarf preacher who serves Voodoo donuts, Stumptown coffee, and, while his congregation throws PBR cans...Forward

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